What is the Beyond the Gates of Antares list builder?

Beyond the Gates of Antares is a sci-fi wargame written by Rick Priestley and Tim Bancroft. The rules are freely available at The Antares Nexus. When version 2 of the rules was released in spring 2022, it felt like there would never be a better time to release an Antares list builder, so I took some time off work and cancelled my weekend plans to see if I could throw together a companion app for my favourite wargame in 2 weeks. It took a little longer than that, but thanks to 2 years of work that led up to this point, I managed to complete the project in a little over a month (if a project like this is ever truly complete).

Why should I use the Antares list builder?

The aim is to get you into a game faster, and to give you quick access to all of the rules reference you'll need while you play. You can build an army while waiting for a bus without having to cross-reference points costs, army restrictions etc. - the app does all that for you.

How do I use the app?

Currently the app is only available as a web app, though there are plans to release it as a native Android and iOS app. You'll need a Google account to sign up, which allows us to sync your data across devices and means you don't have to remember yet another password.

How much will this cost me?

Nothing! The list builder is and will remain completely free to use. If you want to support the app financially, you can do so at https://ko-fi.com/maloric, which you can also find in the app menu. Any contribution, no matter how small, helps pay for hosting costs, software licenses, platform fees and of course, our time.

Who is building the Antares app?

We are! Hi, we're Jamie and Stacey, the two halves of Maloric Digital. We started as fans and are now living our dream of building apps for the tabletop miniature game community. Our other work includes the official Fallout Wasteland Warfare App with Modiphius and the official Warlord Games companion app.

I have questions that aren't covered in this FAQ!

Feel free to send any questions, feedback, or cool feature ideas to antares@maloric.com